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The World Tournament Series Finals in Beijing, China are live this Friday!

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After months of preparation and training, the day of reckoning has finally come. Tune in to Twitch on Friday, December 5 at 1am PST (9:00 UTC) as the four World Tournament Series finalists face off in Beijing, China for $50,000 in cash prizes. Come cheer for your region’s representatives as the world finds out once and for all â which Guild Wars 2 region reigns supreme in PvP? You can find out more about the teams and players representing each region over on the official World Tournament Series event page.

North America vs Europe vs and China – who do you stand behind?


In celebration of the World Tournament Series finals, make sure to jump into PvP this weekend to take advantage of the Call of the Mists bonus, where you’ll receive increased PvP rank point gain, reward track progress, and magic find while in PvP maps! This is a great time to start working on the PvP-exclusive Glorious armor set, or to just hop-in and check out the new PvP features and improvements released on December 2.

Lastly, don’t forget that you can show your support for your region by purchasing the North American, European, or Chinese World Tournament Series Finishers, found in the upgrades tab in gem store. Everyone who purchases the finisher of the region that goes on to win the World Tournament Series will receive celebration boosters as a reward!

Weâll see you on Twitch!

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