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Finally, a keyboard glitter mod that doesn't hold back


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Keyboards are one of the easiest parts of your PC gaming setup to really dial into your own style. First you get to choose what kind of feel you're after, whether you want something specifically for gaming or you're a die-hard mechanicaldeviant. There are even analogue solutions like our favourite gaming keyboard the Wooting Two He, for those who really want to feel their keys. But the choices don't end there.

Artisan keycaps are a great way to go that extra distance in keyboard customisation. They range from the very simple, like these G-Skill caps that let more light shine through, to the truly terrifying, like these finger-hungry T-Rex caps. Sometimes hardware companies even come out with their own bits of keyboard bling like these RTX ON caps from Nvidia, or the tiny GPU keycap released by Asus.

But the biggest problem with all of these solutions is that they're weak. Sure, a Kerbal-themed keycap might look cute, but it's also safe, boring, and uninspired. Buying sweet keycaps off the internet may be fun, a great way to support small artists, and stylish, but where's the risk? Where's the adventure? Where's the permanent destruction of property you were trying to enhance?

That's why I'm glad someone with some keyboard balls has finally decided to show their face to the modding community. Redditor lady_renari has posted this frankly so-good-it's-upsetting glitter mod video to help inspire us all. Finally, a challenger who knows what they're doing and has a little sense of daring has appeared.

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(Image credit: Colorwave)

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The video takes us through the step by step process of this extremely skilled build. It's fair to say you probably shouldn't follow along with this one, not unless you're incredibly certain of your ability—but it's still nice to watch a master at work.

First we start with a detailed look at how the specialised glue is applied carefully around the edges of the keys. The glue is expertly applied so as to slide between the keys, leaving the caps as free from mess as possible for a smoother typing experience down the line. The technique used here is just so impressive to watch, it had me holding my breath through the entire application. 

modding_your_keyboard_is_super_simple from r/MechanicalKeyboards

Once the layer of glue has been applied and has evened out, the keyboard begins to resemble membrane-based boards. It's already amplified the look of the original basic board, elevating it to a new category. Despite this, that's not the end of this impressive mod. The final shine has yet to be added.

With an absolute masterclass of brilliance, modder lady_renari then coats the glue with glitter. Different sections of the keyboard all have their own color themes that, when the glittering is complete, show off a clearly segmented board. It's so easy to tell which part of the keyboard is which thanks to the large blocks of glittery colour. A build this good-looking and functional is a rare site.

And of course they finish the build with a step so many modders forget: a good rinse under the tap. It's a great way to get rid of any loose bits of glue, glitter, or whatever you happen to choose to work with. Unfortunately the video abruptly ends here, so it's hard to get a look at the final product, but the process was a clear educational treat. I learned so much I can put to use in my own future keyboard-modding projects.

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