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AMD to unveil RDNA 3 graphics cards on November 3


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AMD's next-generation RDNA 3 graphics cards will be unveiled on November 3, and the company is teasing impressive performance per watt from its brand new GPU architecture.

We've been expecting this moment for quite some time; AMD has reiterated multiple times throughout this year that RDNA 3 graphics cards will launch this year. Well, would you believe, this year is nearly up, and in just over a month we'll see what AMD has to muster against Nvidia's RTX 40-series, expected to be unveiled later today.

Join us on November 3rd as we launch RDNA 3 to the world! More details to come soon! #RDNA3 #AMD pic.twitter.com/oftq1FjrgtSeptember 20, 2022

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Presumed to be called the Radeon RX 7000-series—though that's not confirmed—this next-generation is already shaping up to be a doozy. Impressively, AMD has kept a great deal of information about its next-generation cards under wraps, but it has unveiled some promising performance per watt numbers.

AMD's CEO Dr. Lisa Su also recently confirmed that AMD would be pursuing a chiplet architecture for its RDNA 3 GPUs—a heavily rumoured approach that could be quite radical for GPU development in the long run. Though unlike some rumours (call it wishful thinking) it seems these cards will use chiplets to combine a GPU block with the necessarily I/O die required to hook it up to a wider system and extract top performance, rather than hook up two GPUs in some kind of multi-GPU behemoth.

Hey, maybe some day we'll see that. For now, we have RDNA 3 to look forward to in the imminent future.

Also confirmed for RDNA 3 is the use of a 5nm process node from TSMC, a new compute unit design, an optimised graphics pipeline, and a next-gen version of AMD's impressive Infinity Cache—first introduced with RDNA 2 GPUs. So plenty to look forward to on the day.

Expect to hear more at the event, which can't come soon enough.

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