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Kojima has yet another tease for us


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Say what you will but, among his many talents, Hideo Kojima is something of a marketing genius. He's got plenty to market, too, with Death Stranding 2, the unknown game being made in collaboration with Microsoft, a podcast, a VR experience based around the Kojima Productions 'entrance hallway', and... well, that's about it I think.

Now the Kojima Productions website has been updated with a new teaser image: 

❓https://t.co/YQBW2XGmzV pic.twitter.com/vogfWrO2nISeptember 15, 2022

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So that was a false alarm, but we do know about two other games likely in progress by Kojima Productions. Death Stranding's lead actor Norman Reedus simply blurted out that a sequel existed in May, responding to a question about the game with "We just started the second one." Kojima responded to this by telling Reedus to "go to his private room," an in-joke about his character in the game.

Then there was the recent announcement of a partnership with Xbox, where Kojima talked a lot about cloud technology. 

"Yes, there is a game I've always wanted to make," Kojima said during June's Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. "It's a completely new game, one that no-one has ever experienced or seen. I've waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it."

Aside from directing games and VR experiences, Kojima's been busy doing a podcast about how great he is with Spotify.

pic.twitter.com/R6I36pr96bSeptember 15, 2022

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Aside from directing games and VR experiences, Kojima's been busy doing a podcast about how great he is with Spotify

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