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Seagate's Into the Spider-Verse styled portable HDDs are stunning


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I'm about to show my age, but the changes in portable hard drives over the years has been crazy to watch. I remember buying a large 1TB "portable" drive that required external power with pay from one of my first jobs. It was an unwieldy beast with more memory than I thought I could ever need, and I'd lug it to friend's houses with pride as we exchanged digital media. 

I also vividly remember the sting of advancement. About a year later smaller USB-powered units were commonplace, and about the same price as I'd paid. These tiny pocketable drives were among the coolest things my data-hoarding eyes had ever seen. That has just been knocked completely out of the field by these gorgeous Spider-Man HDDs from Seagate.

These drives follow on from the Star Wars series, and look like fairly capable 2TB portable units with respectable stats. They're USB 3.2, should work with basically any device, and weigh under 170 grams. Portable HDDs aren't constantly zooming forward like they were 15 or so years ago, at least not until Seagate brings out the 50 TB HDDS in 2026, so there's not really anything too interesting here spec-wise. Instead, it's all about that drip.

The Spider-Man art is just gorgeous. It's based on the animation styles of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which has been lauded as some of the best animation of all time. Sometimes even by people other than me. It's a vibrant, creative, heartfelt masterpiece, and these HDDs get to take that style and bring it into something you use in everyday life.

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There are three models, one featuring the traditional blue-and-red Peter Parker iteration of Spider-Man's costume. It has a nice red background with spider motifs to match. Another is black with Miles Morales's iconic suit front and centre. Then of course we have Gwen Stacy, or Ghost-Spider, on a white case of her own.

The images also show off the LED lighting under the HDD, which is set to match the various suits. Ghost, for example, has a bright pink light, while Peter's light is red to pick up the highlights on his eyes and webbing. This is all configurable using a PC with the Seagate software. 

We're not expecting these to be the best portable HDDs around for your money, but they are some of the coolest-looking. For something you're going to be carrying around, having out on the desk, or even sharing with other people, aesthetic flair is a great optional extra for your tech.

The downside is these appear to be going out of stock fairly quickly in the United states where they released last month. They'll be hitting Australian stores soon, and are up for pre-order at many retailers. You'll want to check at your local electronics store to get your hands on one these Spidey storage devices.

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