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Team Ninja reveals its own Assassin's Creed Japan


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Rise of the Ronin is Team Ninja's second action game currently in development—Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is coming soon too—and takes place in 19th century Japan near the end of the Tokugawa period.

In the third-person, (maybe) open world game, you play as a samurai and "fight to forge a new era for Japan," according to the description for the game's trailer, which debuted at the PlayStation State of Play stream today.

The trailer follows a hawk flying through populated streets and as it soars up to reveal the titular ronin character standing atop a cliff. It cuts between some characters in snowy, bright, and cavernous locations and then has a shot of the ronin riding a horse up a hill with a stunning scene of trees and a bridge in the background. Then it cuts to the ronin pulling out a wingsuit to glide over the water and to the city streets below—immediately evoking the sort of open-world exploration that Ubisoft is going for in its recently announced Assassin's Creed Japan game, codename Red.

It's a Team Ninja game, creators of the Souls-inspired Nioh games, so eventually the trailer slips into the game's combat. Rise of the Ronin's one-on-one duels resemble Sekiro more than Dark Souls, but the zoomed-in camera frames it almost like a fighting game. An apparent parry mechanic interrupts an enemy's swing and opens them up for a finishing blow. Another scene sees the ronin whip out a grappling hook to pull himself toward an opponent and slice him with fiery blades. The trailer ends with the ronin shooting a solider with a musket and drawing a revolver to finish someone off—this guy clearly isn't afraid to use the best hardware on offer.

Rise of the Ronin is a "PlayStation 5 console exclusive" which means it'll probably come to PC too. It's due out in 2024, the same year that Ubisoft is planning to release codename Red. 

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