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With veins bulging and biceps glistening, here comes Tekken 8


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Tekken 8 was properly revealed during Sony's State of Play stream on Tuesday. The first trailer, embedded above, comes over seven years after the arcade release of Tekken 7 in 2015.

The existence of Tekken 8 was teased at fighting game tournament EVO last month, and it's also one of the titles that appeared on a list of games that leaked out of an Nvidia database last year. Nvidia said at the time that the list was "only for internal tracking and testing," but many games from the list have turned out to be real projects. Here's yet another one. 

(I won't go so far as to say that "Half-Life 2 Remastered," another title on the Nvidia list, is definitely real at this point, but it would be a funny way for Valve to continue rejecting the number three.)

The Tekken 8 trailer is ripe with muscles but not with details about the fighting game. We know it'll release on PlayStation 5, and a PC release feels very likely, given that Tekken 7 is on PC. The fine print in the trailer at least confirms that we're seeing real-time footage running on a PS5, not a pre-rendered scene. 

Given the relatively small scenes they involve, modern Street Fighter and Tekken games like to go as all-out as they can on particle effects and glistening abs, and Tekken 8 is keen to deliver in that respect. 

Speaking of Tekken's primary competitor, Street Fighter 6 was also announced recently, and is coming out next year—Wes played it in June, and was impressed. We're not sure yet when Tekken 8 is out, but perhaps it'll go head to head with SF6? All Bandai Namco says right now is: "Stay tuned."

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