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Co-op survival game Core Keeper is getting two new biomes and a boss


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Back in June, co-op survival sandbox Core Keeper introduced a new biome, The Sunken Sea, which helped the game cruise its way to over a million sales in just three months of early access. But that huge success doesn't mean the developers at Pugstorm are taking it easy. Two new biomes are headed to Core Keeper, one coming later this year and another in 2023.

The first new biome is planned for November, called The Desert of Beginnings, an arid underground environment with a "Molten Quarry" subzone. Filled with dunes and tombs, the desert biome will also be packed with new enemies like the Bomb Scarab, Lava Butterfly and Caveling Assassin, and more importantly players will get to challenge a new boss called "Ra-Akar the Sand Titan." Sounds fearsome. And sandy.

The desert will also supply a new ore called Galaxite, which players can use for crafting and upgrades, plus a new, currently unspecified mode of transportation will be introduced in the update. A dune buggy? A sand sailboat? Worm riding? We don't know, but we're looking forward to finding out.

The second new environment, scheduled for sometime in 2023, is a crystal biome, but the developers haven't given any specifics about it yet. I'm sure we'll hear more about it sometime after the Desert of Beginnings update.

To tide you over, there's a smaller free update coming on September 14 called Cozy Caverns, which will introduce new cosmetics based on community feedback that players can use to decorate their bases.

There are also special events planned for Halloween in October and Christmas in December. That's a lot of new stuff to look forward to! You can take check out the complete Core Keeper roadmap right here, a take a look at some screenshots of the Cozy Caverns update below.

Cozy Caverns cosmetics in underground base

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

Cozy Caverns cosmetics in underground base

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

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