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Weird stuttering issue.

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I've restarted playing NOLF many times du to some windows reinstalls and a (not anymore) crappy hard drive.


I've recently reinstalled it (I sadly don't own a retail version, I wish this game was on GoG) from the same iso as I always did, and I've encountered a very weird problem.


Whenever I press on the next function/weapon key, and there's the little indicator on screen, my game stutters and continues to do so until the icon is gone.


It feels like a drop to 30 FPS, I haven't actually checked the framerate but it might be what's happening.


I have a TITAN, an 4930k oc'd at 4.5 GHZ on windows 7 64 bit running at 1920x1080.


Using the widescreen fix,



I've run the game perfectly well before using the same rig, and reinstalling didn't do anything.



Thanks in advance

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