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Clan Server Rules


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Silent Thunder Server Rules


We made these rules trying to make the play in our server as enjoyable as possible. Please read them to avoid being kicked or banned.


• Be respectful with other players.


• Be nice and use clean language.


• Leave personal problems out of the game server.


• Do not impersonate another player. Do not use empty names.


• Try to keep the teams as fair as possible.


• Try to avoid chat kills. But if you get chat killed, it's your fault.


• On "Deatmatch" & "Team Deatmatch" modes, do not spawn tag/kill.


• Do not spam the server with repetitive messages.


• Do not cheat.


• Obey the game master orders.


• Do have fun!



[sT] leadership reserves right to change rules at any time.

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SFI Server Rules



We ask our guests to please observe the following guidelines to avoid being kicked or banned.


PROFANITY - Children play on our servers. Keep your language clean at all times.

CHEATS - Cheats of any kind are not allowed. Wallhackers will be Banned !! Play fair.

HARRASSMENT - Have respect for your fellow players.




Suggested Etiquette



Permissible in the Doomsday server unless it is clear someone is giving lessons.

In Deathmatch, move on to the next target if you come across someone chatting. Accidents do

happen, so a quick "sorry" helps to smooth ruffled feathers. There is a glitch in NOLF2, so if the

player is moving, frag them regardless of the '!' floating over their head.



Doomsday is war, so if you cannot protect your base, it WILL happen!

In Deathmatch, camping or placing traps/tags at spawning points is frowned upon. Better

players never resort to this. Killing someone that has just spawned without giving them a

chance to be aware of your presence is considered tacky. An exception is on the smaller maps

where it cannot be avoided during a crowded server.



SFI asks that our servers not be used to actively recruit for other clans. We are willing to help

out other clans with renting out server time, having practices with them and in various other

ways, but we ask those clans that are in a recruiting phase to host their own games during

such time.


SFI reserves the right to ban anyone for not following these rules. Report any incidents to

Eliteone at e1@sficlan.net, Belladonna or notify an online SFI clan member.


To book time on the Bookable Server contact BellaDonna at belladonna@sficlan.net. Booking

is on a first come first serve basis so be sure to set up the time well in advance.


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