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Rick & Morty creator's new game stars a knife that wants to eat someone's ass


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High on Life, an FPS from Rick & Morthy co-creator Justin Roiland, predictably looks to be a new member of the "never shutting up" game club. The cartoony shooter includes a gun that constantly talks to you (Roiland, whose voice is instantly familiar) and a knife that is absolutely giddy to do a murder (also Roiland, doing a decent imitation of a deranged Taika Waititi). The knife also doubles as a grappling hook, which is a neat bit of mobility, though its bloodthirsty schtick may get old after about five minutes.

High on Life showed off a single uninterrupted boss fight during Gamescom's Opening Night Live. Here's a curse-filled transcription of everything the knife had to say during that fight: 

"Hey, I'm still here, you can still use me if you want. I can deflect attacks, did you know that? It's not just all about stabbing. Well, I'm mostly all about stabbing and tethering, but I can also deflect attacks."

"I'll slice them to 'frelling' death. I'll cut their 'frelling' heads off and I'll 'frelling' rip their 'frelling' limbs off, do everything. Oh I'm gonna 'frelling' cut right into them, I'll cut their 'frelling' 'wookie' off and eat it." 

"Bet you're just as nice and squishy on the inside as the rest of them."

There's also lots of banter between your gun and the boss you're fighting, which doesn't stretch much further than the repartee of: 

🔫 "You're gross" 

👩 "'frell' you" 

The knife's foul mouth is inexplicably censored in the trailer above, but it was gleefully unbeeped during the Opening Night Life stream. Maybe High on Life's voice actors are working overtime in this boss fight because it's early in the game and it's our first introduction to their personalities, but if this level of banter keeps up through the whole game, I think it's going to be a bit much. The shooting also doesn't look too hot: the boss takes a lot of shots and doesn't really react much to being hit. Maybe the fact that you're saving the galaxy or whatever with a pea shooter is part of the joke. 

High on Life is hitting Steam and the Epic Games Store in December.

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