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The Callisto Protocol's new trailer has a simple message: Kill fast or die ugly


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Striking Distance Studios boss Glen Schofield made at appearance at today's Opening Night Live showcase for Gamescom to show off some fresh gameplay from the upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol, and its new system of mutations that will enable enemies to transform into "bigger, badder, faster meaner" opponents if they're not killed quickly.

It's a subtle effect, and the trailer moves pretty quickly, but you can see see the enemies transforming during the fight, sprouting tentacles and even regrowing a skull after it's blown off in appropriately gory fashion. It seems pretty clear that at least some enemies will need to be taken down in a hurry if you want to avoid a prolonged fight, and the suffering that invariably arises from such encounters.

It all ends badly, though, as Callisto Protocol trailers so often do: After an extended ride through a torrent of what I can only assume is untreated sewage and sticky viscera, our hero zigs when he really, really should have zagged. Bad move, bud.

The Callisto Protocol is set to come out on December 2.

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