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Nolf Revival


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Hey All,

Longtime player (all the way back to the OG 2000 GOTY edition) --long enough to remember Nolf News--....; anyway, had some nostalgia and was reading the original CD's have lots of issues, so went and downloaded the game from the 'NOLF Revival' site (nolfrevival.tk).  

Everything seems to be working, and somehow can even find listings for multiplayer games which shocked me.  Anyway, I am having one big issue in that the game will not let any key re-bindings take place, which is a deal breaker for me.

My question for anyone who sees this is, is the NOLF Revival the best way to play the game, or is there another download to be used? I really just want to walk around The Pad and Hydro again, but would be fun if could actually play multiplayer 22 years later...(and yes, I now feel ancient).  I just need to re-bind quite a few keys first.

If it helps, I'm on Windows 10.


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That version works alright. The main difference in this version is that it has a modified version of Nolf.exe that will load a widescreen patch Named WidescreenGOTY.  You may want to break the link there and remove/rename the file WidescreenGOTY.rez located in the game folder and use only Nolf1 Modernizer 1.006 instead. This is the most used version for playing online as well.

Nolf.exe and Lithtech.exe should run with administrator privileges, this is usually why the game fails to save changes in keybinds.

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Perhaps this is the problem of the incorrect dinput.dll file from directx 8.1
This problem usually occurs if you are using a non-Latin version of Windows.
Download NOLF_FixInput_v3.zip ( 212 Kb ) use one of the three versions of dinput.dll.
Instructions in the archive.

You can also use the multilingual version of Modernizer from the site moddb.com
where a corrected version of dinput.dll has also been added

Or download the full official version of "No One Lives Forever. Game of the Year Edition"
Here in the archive, the dinput.dll file is also added


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Thank you both--I ended up having to edit the autoexec.config file manually to get the keys to stick. 

Also downloaded the big map pack and discovered my map Volcanis is still in it--going to walk around that once more for old times sake.

Thanks again.

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10 hours ago, Spawn said:

Nice! Did you make other maps too?

Here's a referense to your Volcanis map :)


You should join us and play online

No other published ones; but would definitely be down for playing online sometime.  What days/times do people usually play?

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Around 21.00 GMT / 5pm EST in the weekends or just announce that you wanna play in discord, someone usually shows up.

These are the 3 Nolf discord servers I know of:

https://discord.gg/GHQrGqrZ   <-- UnityHQ.net
https://discord.gg/KcS65Jw8    <-- Spawnsite.net

https://discord.gg/dxA3bUYu    <-- Nolf Speedrunning community

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