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Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard


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Here's the link to the official announcement.

A bit of background: one of the issues muddling up the rights to the Nolf series is that Activision-Blizzard (ATVI) may or may not still have some rights or claim on the series. No has been able to pay ATVI enough to motivate them to search through all of their old paper documents to see what is actually ATVI's legal situation vis-à-vis Nolf.

Now, with Microsoft buying Activision-Blizzard (ATVI), I hope this makes it a bit easier for someone to see what IPs ATVI actually holds. (ATVI's history goes back the Atari 2600 so they likely have a lot of IP still in their possession.) So here's to the buyout passing regulatory muster and actually helping clear up some of the legal issues surrounding the Nolf series. Yeah, this is a major helping of wishful thinking, but the Nolf situation is so murky that events like this at least give us a chance to hope for a better legal situation, one where Nolf could be legally remastered and released.

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