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No One Lives Forever 2 - Upscaled Texture Pack - Release


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Hey guys, ive done a texture upscaling for NOLF 2 using AI upscaling. Textures are now 200% larger, they have more mipmaps, which means less jagged lines at distance, and ive also removed the compression. The effect is everything looks more neat, sharper and less visible pixelated textures.

I will post some screenshots, but you can see the difference better in game. I also completely replaced some textures that i managed to find the source material for, nothing big, but its neat. I also redid some UI elements like health bars, from scratch.

The mod is 1.8gb to download, and once you decompress it, its 4.11 gb, in 3 files. Those 3 files, you put in your "NOLF2/Custom/Mods/ANYMODNAME" folder. I assume most of you know what to do. 

It replaces just texture files, so if you have any other mods that arent textures, it shouldnt be a problem. It DOES NOT confilct with Modernizer, and i strongly encourage you install that too.

Here is the link for the mod, its google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C5eEW5NJ2BLSg_pPv9vg0975w5UaryAy/view?usp=sharing

Thanks to Spawn and PTMike95 for the help !


Heres some screenshots, they are jpegs, so its hard to see the difference, unless in game. Looking forward to some feedback.


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