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Ralph's Longing for Adventure

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Ralph on Mirage Isle longs to learn of your adventures, and maybe have some of his own one day! Help inspire Ralph to become the Adventure Daru he desires by lending him your help completing daily quests to defeating various enemies throughout Erenor for Adventure Coins after the maintenance on October 14!

I want to help Ralph! How do I get Adventure Coins?

Adventure Coins can be obtained from two different methods! Ralph will have a quest for any Adventurers over level 50 that can be accepted once a day to get 2 Adventure Coins. Looking to grab more? There are other ways to obtain additional coins, too!
Participating in large-scale battles against enemies, monsters, and even participating in world events are a few ways to get more Adventure Coins. The full list of ways to get Adventure Coins in your bag has been provided below:

Crimson Rift - Crimson Omens 3
Grimghast Corps - Halting the Crimson Tide 2
Halcyona War - Golden Plains Battle
Weakened Tower - Whalesong Siege
Shadowed Torch - Defend the Seal 3
Defending Auroria
The Aust Mana Tower
Family - Cargo Delivery
Fall of Hiram City Quests

What can Adventure Coins be used for?

Adventure Coins can be exchanged at the Adventure Workbench in Mirage Isle for various goods, most of which Ralph procured for the adventurers to get more powerful!

Autumn Globe - 150 Adventure Coins
Image Item Crate: Homecoming Warrior - 100 Adventure Coins
Image Item Crate: Accessories - 150 Adventure Coins
Bound Resplendent Solar Temper - 50 Adventure Cons
Bound Resplendent Lunar Temper - 50 Adventure Coins
Bound Serendipity Stone - 60 Adventure Coins
Luna Charm Rank 1 - 6 Adventure Coins
Honorforged Medal - 8 Adventure Coins
Decrystallization Scroll - 40 Adventure Coins
Hiram Awakening Scroll x10 - 5 Adventure Coins
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll x5 - 5 Adventure Coins
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll x5 - 15 Adventure Coins
Improved Infusion Supply Kit x10 - 5 Adventure Coins
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x5 - 5 Adventure Coins
Adventurer's Winged Elixir - 10 Adventure Coins

Ralph packs up any leftover Adventure Coins and the Adventure Workbench away with him on his very own adventure on November 11, so be sure to spend your Coins before the maintenance!

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