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The Golden Hallowtide Jackpot

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It's time to wield your weapons with pride and shout out your best bloodcurdling battle cry! Instances and Arenas bring additional rewards and gold for anyone level 50 and above. Stuff your bags with Gold and a portfolio of slain enemies. Let the screams come and the blood flow, the Hallowtide Jackpot event is here!

Jackpots? Count us in, Trick or Treat!

All treats and no trick this Hallowtide, compete in Halcyona, Arenas, and even certain instances to receive a Nayah Luna Box full of Gold for your troubles. The Arena Rewards are as follows:

Looking to skip out on the bloodshed of your adventurer-type enemies? Join forces with them in instances for some Jackpot Boxes too!

Get a Large Nayah Luna Box by defeating the Red Dragon* in Red Dragons Keep, Kadum* and Orien in the Ipnysh Sanctuary.
To get a Medium Nayah Luna Box, youll need to defeat the Heart of Ayanad Guardian in the Abyssal Library.
Finally, to get a Small Nayah Luna Box, slay either Sirothe the Infernal (Serpentis) or Dahuta (Sea of Drowned Love).

*Please note that only one (1) player will obtain the Large Nayah Luna Box after defeating these bosses.

Did you Say Gold? How much?

Rain will fall from the sky straight into your Trick or Treat bags, that's how much! Opening Nayah Luna Boxes, you'll obtain varying amounts of Gold. The Small Nayah Luna Box offers up to 100 Gold; The Medium Nayah Luna Box offers up to 200 Gold, and the Large Nayah Luna Box can provide a sweet amount of 400 Gold!

You don't have to take just one of these treats, get your fill and grab as many as you can before the event ends on November 4, 2021! But be sure to open all of your boxes, because after the maintenance they will be destroyed.

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