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Reminder: Participate in the Overwolf World vs. World Streaming and War Reporter Contests

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After our successful partnership on the Overwolf WvW App Challenge, which saw player Prefrontal Cortex win a $2,000 cash prize and a lot of Guild Wars 2 goodies, weâve partnered with Overwolf again to bring you two contests taking place during the World vs. World Fall Tournament. Thereâs still time to win some great Guild Wars 2 prizes so check them out!

Overwolf World vs. World Streaming Contest

In this contest, you are challenged to get the highest number of concurrent viewers while using Overwolf to stream Guild Wars 2 World vs. World on your Twitch channel during the contest period. The top contestant will receive SteelSeries peripherals and a bounty of 8,000 Gems! By entering the contest and streaming using the Overwolf app, your entry will be displayed on the Overwolf leaderboards.

Check the contest page on the Overwolf site for full details and how to enter!

Overwolf World vs. World War Reporter Contest

In the second of Overwolfâs World vs. World contests, you are challenged to create a âwar reportâ video that discusses the past weekâs events in the World vs. World Fall Tournament! Use the Overwolf app to share your World vs. World âwar reportâ video on YouTube to enter the contest. Each week, a winner will be selected to win 5,000 gems. Entries will be judged by the Guild Wars 2 Community Team.

Check the contest page on the Overwolf site for full details on how to enter!

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