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ArcheAge Is A Year Older! Time to Party!

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We love to party, you love to party, so let's get on with the ArcheAge celebrations! We've shared memories of exploring vast lands and oceans, crafting massive sieges and storming castles, battling World Bosses, or simply claiming your land and laying the foundation of your destiny. Together, let's celebrate the 7th Anniversary in both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Let the events commence - it's time to celebrate!

How do I participate?

Gathering your 7th Anniversary Coins is easy! A button activated in the lower left corner of the UI will grant an Anniversary Coin every 30 minutes, 10 times a day per account. Looking for more coins to use? Complete the level 30 daily quest available from the Jake Doll NPC in Mirage Isle for an additional Anniversary Coin!

Note: The quest will tell you to use /congratulations. However, this is a known issue and currently not working. Instead, you have to use /clap.

After gathering your Anniversary Coins, you can exchange them for goods at the exchanger in Mirage Isle for the following goods:

Additional to all these goods, if you complete the 7th Anniversary Event Achievement by obtaining the 7th Anniversary Headband, you will receive a unique anniversary title and icon!

Please note: The title and the title name in the buff description displayed are currently displaying incorrectly. The title displays and is referred as "7 Years of Camaraderie" instead of "Lucky Number 7." This will be fixed in the next update!

The festivities end on September 30, which means the anniversary currency, exchanger, and quests will be removed with the Maintenance. Be sure to grab everything you want before it all disappears!

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