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Making textures using DEdit's alpha feature assuming you know how to create and import custom textures.


This is for some applications of Alpha use.

To start import a texture with an image with a black background, where the background will be the see-through area. Try not to use dark colors, the texture become much clearer with a nice distinction between background and foreground.


•After import, right-click on the texture name:

user posted image

Click on Create Alpha From Color

Click ok without changing the settings


Double click on the texture name to bring-up the Texture Properties box.

Enter AlphaRef 50 inside the Command String text field. To be honest, I don't know what it exactly means. Different numbers yield different results, try different values if you don't get what you want at first. (common values include 50 and 96)

user posted image


Click on a compression method if you wish to save disk space (lowers quality, think bitmap (bmp) to jpeg (jpg)).


•Hopefully you should be able to get something working like this:

user posted image

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You know, people looking for info on how to make transparent textures will probably be looking for 'transparent textures' rather than 'alpha', so maybe we should use the phrase 'transparent textures' a bit more. :D


Anyway, I think this can also be done by binding your texture to a worldmodel and then setting the Blendmode to translucent and the Alpha to 0.5 or similar. Not sure how it exactly works, I just copied the doorway from the UNITY cinematics prefab and messed around with that.


For people who want to make a working glass door (making something transparent AND moving can be a problem), I've made mine available for download so you can study or simply copy it. You can get it here, it's the file called 'transparent.rar'. :D


Edit: or you could use Spawn's tutorial. :D

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