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The Beer Festival Gift is here!

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Grab your Nayah Luna Bubbly, it's time to party! The Beer Festival Gift Event has made its way to Erenor on September 16, and will be carrying on the celebrations all the way until October 7!

How do I Participate?

Participating in this event is as easy as logging in and a press of a button! Log in every day during the event period and press the activated event button in the bottom left of your UI to receive 7x Refreshing Beer once a day.

After claiming your Refreshing Beer, you can either take a swig to regenerate some labor or you can exchange it for goods at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle!^

^ Please note: That on ArcheAge servers the rewards are displayed lower in the Festival Gift Exchanger list, so you will need to do some scrolling to exchange goods!

What can I get at the Festival Gift Exchanger?

• Nayah Luna Bubbly - 1 Refreshing Beer
• Airain Rock-Solid Beer Tub - 10 Refreshing Beers
• Beer Jug - 20 Refreshing Beers
• Beer Tower - 25 Refreshing Beers
• Wolpertinger - 70 Refreshing Beers

Don't delay and be sure to grab as many Refreshing Beers before they are no longer obtainable on October 7! You wouldn't want to miss out on a good beer, right?

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