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NOLF 2 Saving problem


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So i have a saving problem with the game that, if i want to save the game manually then i can't load the file and it doesn't show it in the saved games tab so i can load it and i have the same problem with the first NOLF game, but there i can atleast quicksave and quickload, but in NOLF 2 i can't: Manually save or load the saved game because it doesn't show up, and i can quicksave but i can't quickload even if i change the bind, and no websites with pre-saved games don't work either and i want to keep playing because i found this game randomly and i started loving it! :D 

So any help would be appreciated



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17 minutes ago, DrGrisa said:

this is what i see whenever i "tried" to save

Snímek obrazovky (9).png

This looks like what you see when you try to load.  Can you post the screenshot when you save? Also try renaming the save file.  Can you look in the Save folder path I mentioned before and see if there are any files in it? 

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13 hours ago, DrGrisa said:

no it's like when i want to save it then it looks like it saved and is in the save file, but i can't load it from the menu

Definitely an odd issue. I haven't been able to reproduce your issue. 

What are you running for an anti-virus solution? 

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