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REZzing a Nolf2 Map


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Rezzing a map can be done a few ways, but i'll go over what I'm used to...


**First, create a new folder somewhere (keep names simple and short).

Recreate the GAME directory for the custom content you have. For example, for adding a map you would have to create folders:

one named Worlds

inside Worlds, create RetailMultiplayer


Grab your map file (.dat) from wherever you saved it (commonly in Worlds) and place it inside the appropriate folder (RetailMultiplayer for DD, DE, DM maps).


If you used custom textures, you would have to also re-create the folder system. For example, I created a new texture inside TEX\MyTex. So I create a new folder:


and inside that, create a folder named MyTex

Copy the contents of the original MyTex to the new MyTex


Using both examples, I would have a folder system like this:





That's it for setting up the files.

For different examples and further detail, refer to the documentation that comes with the toolkit.


**Now rezzing the new content (Using Windows):

Open-up the command line:

Click Run:

user posted image

Type cmd and press Enter:

user posted image


Type cd c:\ (change c to whatever drive you use nolf with):

user posted image



•With that open, go to your nolf2 folder (if the command line is in fullscreen, hold ALT and press Enter to switch to windowed mode).


•In your nolf2 folder go to your Game folder, find and open Tools, find and open Bin. From the path in your explorer window, right-click and copy the address.

user posted image

I know some may not see the path displayed in your explorer window, so skip this step if so.


•Go back to the command-line window

Type cd followed by the address. If the above step was completed, simply type cd then right-click once on the window to paste the address. Following that, type lithrez.exe then press enter to start the rez program.

user posted image


•Now we tell the program what to rez.

•Use the example given as your guide

user posted image


•So using the Mymap example, I would enter this:

lithrez cv DM_NameHere.rez C:\MyMap

This would tell the program to rez everything in the folder 'MyMap' including the content Worlds, RetailMultiplayer, TEX, and MyTex.


•Finally, find your rezzed file in the Bin folder. Copy and paste it to ...No One Lives Forever\Custom\Resources to try it out.

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