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Problem with NOLFTOOLS001.REZ and CSHELL.DLL

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Hi everyone,

I joined Unity HQ not long ago, and was so happy to discover NOLF ! I finished the 3 games of the series, and now I want to mod the games. That's where the unexpected turbulence occurs (wink, wink).


From DEdit with love

--> I found out while using DEdit for NOLF 1, that I can access the textures and models folders ONLY with DEdit through the "Open Project" action when I browse the folders. I mean, they are available to use in DEdit itself, when creating my level I can select them, but I can't find the folders anywhere on my hard drive, it's problematic because I'd love to use the textures of NOLF 1 for modding NOLF 2. I only had those files extracted, see What the bug.PNG

-> So I used the unrez.bat again to extract the resources from NOLFTOOLS001.REZ again, and I found out that there is an error message at beggining of the console action, see Console Error.PNG

--> Of course, I checked and there is enough space on my hard drive (8GB available).

--> So I tried reinstalling the game, thinking there might have been a problem during the extraction of the folders or something like that. But, nope, nothing changed. Therefore, indomitable like Cate Archer and full of inspiration, I thought the problem might lie in the file itself so I rushed to download WinRez and pry it open with a loaded Bacalov Corrector directed at its forehead (oops, I'm forgetting that right now I'm writing a forum topic and not a fanfiction).

--> Bingo, I managed to sneak in the safe's room, got poisoned by lasers and started seeing and hearing goats (ah? yeah, right, i'm still on the forum, not in the game) I think the file is the problem. Indeed, it contains only the files that got extracted, see WinRez Content.PNG

--> (so that's maybe why there was the error message in the console, because it couldn't find all the files supposed to be here)

--> That's why I'm calling out to you, hoping someone would know if something is possible or not about this issue, I thought maybe someone could upload the complete NOLFTOOLS001.REZ file? I don't know how to access the textures otherwise, I tried to browse it in my entire PC and to show hidden files in every NOLF folders, but nothing. (I'm frustrated, because I saw at the end of the NOLF 2 mod The Return Of HARM that they used the HARM's green and yellow crates textures, and it looked pretty cool)


CShells on this evening's menu

--> Second problem, that might be directly related to the first one : I thought I might use NOLF 1 DEdit anyway, and tried to run a world. I did everything from the tutorials, including setting running paths, processing the world, I even tried with one of the world samples, BUT when I click on Run, THIS appears, see Fack Ju Goethe.PNG

--> Thinking there might be something in the world processor, see Processing Options.PNG I tried adding the Project Directory path, but nothing changed.

--> I also tried putting the CSHELL.DLL in almost every NOLF folder, but nothing changed. I saw on the forums that lots of people got problem with the CSHELL.DLL to run NOLF, but I never had and I still don't have any problem to run NOLF itself.


--> Moreover, I dont' have any of those problems with NOLF 2 DEdit, I have folders for textures and everything else, and I can perfectly run worlds with NOLF 2 DEdit, no problem with CSHELL.DLL

I thank you in advance for your attention and I apologise for this long novel !


What the bug.PNG

Console Error.PNG

WinRez Content.PNG

Fack Ju Goethe.PNG

Processing Options.PNG

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