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Rendering Problem :(

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I have made my map (well atleast some of it) and I want to play it in the game but when I process it then run it its just white and kind of a darker white. You can make out the shapes but there is no texture!! Can someone help me?? Thanks.



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Check all your paths:

Click on Edit

Click on Run

Check Executable

Should be something like this:

C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe

Check working directory, may look like:

C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\GAME

Check Program Arguments:

-rez engine.rez -rez Game +runworld "%WorldName%"


*note: do not change %WorldName% to your map's name, leave it as is


Click on the process button, the first text box should look like something like:

C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Game\


Try your map again.

*If NOLF2 is installed somewhere else, change the paths accordingly, I used the default path to install NOLF2.

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