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NOLF, Contract Jack & NOLF 2

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I have had a CD ROM version of NOLF, Contract Jack & NOLF 2 for many years but since upgrading to Windows 10 & Nvidia Gforce have been unable to successfully download an EAX 2.0 emulator for NOLF 2. All three games look amazing despite a catastrophic error message. To uninstall any of these three games I need to use Revo uninstaller. I have tried down loadable versions of these games but have so far been unsuccessful. Can anyone help? Pretty please & thankyou!

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What error specifically are you getting?

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Have you attempted to run nolf1 and nolf2 using the modernizer updates? I am not able to play nolf1 or 2 without them anymore after getting a new computer.

The modernizer updates will fix graphic issues in many cases, resolution, input system, multiplayer and more..

Nolf 1

Nolf 2

As for contract J.A.C.K there is no fix yet..

Also if you can avoid it, try to install the games on a different drive than C:\ due to windows 10's "fantastic" DEP system that will prevent nolf from running in many cases.



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