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Evon Gnashblade’s Weekend Finisher Extravaganza and More!

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To celebrate the recent addition of finishers to the account Wardrobe, we’re holding a weekend sale! From now until 11:59 PM PDT (06:59 UTC) on Sunday, September 14, you can pick up all of our permanent finishers for 20% off! Each finisher can be shared across your entire account, or you can mix and match a different finisher to each character, and you can preview all finishers in your hero panel. From the glorious Llama Finisher to the mystic Ley Line Finisher, the perfect finishing move is out there waiting for you! Act quickly: this discount only lasts through Sunday!


But that’s not all! We’ve also slashed the price of Bank Tabs by 20% and we’re bringing back the Avian Mini 3 Pack. So hop onto the Black Lion Trading Company in-game this weekend to do some shopping. Act quickly: these discounts only last through Sunday!

Remember: This week we improved Black Lion Chest rewards! Each chest you open has a better chance for Black Lion Claim Tickets and Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps, plus we’ve added Gem Store-exclusive dyes like the Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Kit, the Deathly Dye Kit, and more! You can read up on the changes or open up a chest to see for yourself!

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