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Help extracting game assets

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Hey there

So I decided to try and remake the secret office from A man of Influence and am doing the writeup of it HERE.

Now I would like to extract the game files, most importantly the level files, so I can use them as a base to work of of. Its not crucial in any way, but when the project is finished, I would like to have the side by side to compare, instead of using game screenshots.

Also, I can use it for scale, which if not important at all, but just to try and get it as accurate as possible, with a modern visual twist..

The issue I have, is that I need Softimage, which is a discontinues piece of software and is incredibly difficult to get my hands on, so I was thinking, maybe some level artists or moders that are still active have a few tips and tricks that I dont know.

If anybody has any info here, can point me in the right direction or just has the level files and is willing to send them my way, I would be very thankfull!


Best regards! =)

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