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FAQ: #gamigo Cosplay Contest

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In case of questions, the team has prepared a short FAQ for you!

1) Is experience in cosplay required to enter the contest?
No! Everybody has a chance to win, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cosplayer!

2) Can I enter the contest by only posting the final result of my cosplay without giving updates during the entry period?
No. Posting only the final result of your cosplay will make you ineligible for the contest. You are required to provide weekly updates using #cosplay and #ArcheAge/#AAUnchained on your creative process.

3) Instead of weekly updates, can I make one update detailing the entire creative process?
No, weekly updates using the contest hashtags are necessary to have an eligible entry.

4) If I am one of the lucky winners, do I have to participate in the gamigo Livestream?
Although the winners are all invited to participate, it is not mandatory.

5) Does everything in the cosplay have to be self-made?
Not everything, but most of it! Don't worry; you won't be disqualified from the contest because you purchase a hair clip or shoes that fit your cosplay perfectly. On the other hand, a little DIY effort and creativity are required but don't enter the contest using a pre-made purchased costume.

6) Can I enter the gamigo Cosplayer Contest with a friend?
Group submissions are not allowed in this contest. One entry counts for one person.

7) Since there are male and female versions of each costume, is it possible to cosplay a gendered costume different from mine?
Absolutely! You can choose which gender version of a costume you want to cosplay independently of your gender/sex.

8) Will other gamigo games participate in the future?
If it's requested, we will think about it!

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