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Server Evolutions are coming to ArcheAge

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ArcheAge servers will be evolving soon, allowing you to meet new allies and forge new alliances along the way. Server Evolutions will be making their way to you this March!

When will the Server Evolution take place?
The Server Evolution is scheduled to take place on March 11, 2021 for the ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers.

Which Servers are Affected?
After carefully looking at the active populations of all servers, we have determined which servers will be involved in the merge process and how they will be combined. Once these servers are merged, the resulting new servers’ populations will be roughly equal to each other in terms of population.

ArcheAge Free-to-Play
On NA, Kadum and Nui will be merged to form Dochul.
On EU, Taris and Ezi will be merged to form Arkanis.

I’m on an affected server! What now?
Be sure to prepare yourself for the upcoming evolution by clearing out your mailbox, selling your additional tradepacks and that's it! Your character will be evolved onto the new server after the maintenance and everything else will be taken care of. Be sure to get in your final sales before the Auction Houses lock preventing future sales.

What is the Schedule for Evolution?
For ArcheAge:
March 9, 2021: Auction Houses will be locked. No new auctions can be created on any server that is evolving.
March 10, 2021: The Siege slated for this day will be cancelled to prepare for the evolution.
March 11, 2021: ArcheAge will be unavailable as we perform Evolution related maintenance.
March 13, 2021: North American and European servers will be brought back online at separate times. During these periods, we may launch a single server at a time in order to control server loads and give everyone a chance to log in. During this time there may be queues on Evolution worlds due to the number of players attempting to log in at once.
March 20, 2021: ArcheAge Land Rush begins. Time TBD.
April 4, 2021: Candidates are qualified and announced, hero elections begin.
April 11, 2021: Evolved Servers' castle claim period.

Have any questions about the upcoming Evolutions? Check out our FAQ and see if we answered your question!

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