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The Return of the Gweonid Lantern Festival


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The Gweonid Lantern Festival has returned. Light up the sky in memory of the brave Aranzeb in the 2021 Lantern Festival beginning February 18. After the maintenance, watch the night sky over Gweonid Forest comes alive and sparkle in thousands of lights as the zone turns to a festival period to let the East and the West come together as one in peace to honor the fallen during the fall of Auroria.

To reach Gweonid Forest, you can either travel by foot, teleport using your Teleport Book, or make use of one of the Gweonid Forest Festival Worldgates present in your Faction Base.

How do I participate?

Players level 10 and higher can begin their journey of giving thanks by speaking with NPC Denissi and assist in creating a lantern. NPCs Rojuni and Yallie offer even more ways to earn Lantern Festival Coins, too!

3 times each day, when the mysterious Yata Lantern appears, visit Mellius at 2 PM, 7 PM, and 12:00 AM UTC in Europe, or 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 10:00 PM PDT in North America to find out what to do with it. Mellius will hang around for an hour each time, so worry not.

Use the Lantern Candle to help light the Dimmed Yata Lantern and transform it into a Lit Yata Lantern! Once the lantern is lit, your quest will be complete, and youll be awarded 3 Lantern Festival Coins, 1 Glimmershine Essence, and a special Gweonid Elixir buff offering +3% Evasion, +41 Attack Speed, and -4% Cast Time for 1 hour.

Additionally, you can receive additional Lantern Festival Coins by completing Achievements!

What can I receive?

All your hard work will not go unnoticed! Receive Lantern Festival Coins from doing the Festival quests and completing the achievements. Afterward, spend your hard-earned Coins at the Festival Gift Exchanger on Mirage Isle for some pretty cool items!

Monkey Rug 30 Lantern Festival Coins
Monkey Chair 30 Lantern Festival Coins
Small Red Yata Lantern 20 Lantern Festival Coins
Small Green Yata Lantern 20 Lantern Festival Coins
Small Blue Yata Lantern 20 Lantern Festival Coins
Small Yellow Yata Lantern 20 Lantern Festival Coins
Red Yata Lantern 25 Lantern Festival Coins
Green Yata Lantern 25 Lantern Festival Coins
Blue Yata Lantern 25 Lantern Festival Coins
Yellow Yata Lantern 25 Lantern Festival Coins
Fortune Pipe 50 Lantern Festival Coins
Decorative Fortune Pipe 50 Lantern Festival Coins
Blue Salt Origins - 10 Lantern Festival Coins
Gweonid Elixir - 5 Lantern Festival Coins
Gweonid Dream - 5 Lantern Festival Coins
Manastorm Crystal - 10 Lantern Festival Coins (F2P Only)

This event ends on March 4, 2021, at 2 AM UTC, so celebrate while you can! The Festival NPCs will say their goodbyes during the regular maintenance on March 4, 2021.

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