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No one Lives Forever - The Indomitable Cate Archer Scene 2


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1 hour ago, hatedishes2 said:

How can I beat  this level? I keep getting killed.

If you're truly stuck and our walkthrough on our website wasn't helpful you can try one or more of the codes from the link below to get through the level. 


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Ah this is the level with the Armstrong fight. Not surprising. You may have gotten past it or moved on at this point, but I'll provide some solutions anyway. It just so happens that about 2 years ago I made a post about ways to beat and even trivialize this fight here:



The relevant part is "The Armstrong fight may seem tough, but there are some tricks and ways to make it easier. First, this fight is much easier on lower difficulties not just because he'll do less damage, but because he'll have less health too. Armstrong is actually the only one whose health is affected by the difficulty chosen. Also, while he's close enough to you he won't try to throw explosives, so if you can jump on top of something like a bed, wooden board or even his head (possible while he slams the floor or by jumping off something else) and stay close enough to him, he will keep trying to punch you but will keep missing. Meanwhile you can keep hitting him until he's beaten. There's also the simple technique of hitting him once or twice, then backing away and waiting for him to try to punch you, and then moving in to hit him once or twice again and repeat. If he's about to slam the floor then jump, and if he's about to throw explosives then run to minimize the damage you take. That's probably the real way to do it."


But it's also not surprising if you got stuck on the part after that. Your weapons and gear were taken from you, but to complete the level you have to get past some guards and a lock on a door that must be welded off. Luckily your gear is being kept in a room that you can get to without having to get past many guards. Go through the double doors and into the building. You will get to a fork in the hallway that goes left and right (there's also a coin around here that you can pick up to distract guards). Go left which leads to a balcony outside. Avoid being spotted by the searchlight and guard on the other side (or don't, but other guards may also get alerted) and jump across the balcony to the big window opening in the wall. You'll have to jump from a spot that can reach it. In this next room your gear and a weapon are on a table, but there's also a guard there. If you haven't been spotted yet, you can sneak up and karate chop him on the head to kill him. Otherwise just run over to the table, pick up the weapon and shoot him. Other guards may also come to the door and shoot you through the fence if they hear gunshots. Make sure you pick up all your gadgets, and you can unlock the fenced door from this side. You should be able to get through the rest of the level at this point, but at the end the way to the next level is hidden. When you beat Armstrong he tells you that it's behind a woodpile. There's also a few more secret passages in later levels.

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