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nolf 3 is coming back

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hey guys

i road about this few days ago

i dont know you know about it or not but just incase you dont know i post the news here




also there was some more news about this you can serach about it to see whats new!


night dev studio has the tradmark and is going to create the new version of no one lives for ever



:fit: horaaaaaaaaaa

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Yes, at first Night Dive was planning to remaster and re-release the Nolf games (they never said anything about Nolf 3 by the way), but they couldn't reach an agreement with Warner Bros, Activision and Fox, or even find out if any of them still had rights to the games. However if Night Dive released the games and a company later found out that they still had rights to the games, they could face legal action from them. Warner Bros's legal division even threatened to sue Night Dive if they released the games without their permission since they still owned the trademark to the games, before they knew that Night Dive was trying to cooperate with them. So basically it's too much of a risk for Night Dive to try to re-release the games or develop a sequel, and the other companies who may still have rights to the games aren't interested in doing so or even finding out if they still have rights, unless it came to a lawsuit.

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If they are decide as it seems, let them be ... but
the status quo (*) does not fit anyone because no one lives for ever ...

(*) if you are rich and admired, then you’re probably not interested in disrupting the status quo unless it came to a lawsuit

Greeting and Thank you very much for your reply i appreciate it ...

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