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Framelimiting on windows 10

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I've been having some trouble getting NOLF 2 to run correctly, that is, at a locked in 60. It will run in the 600 fps range, and I am kinda worried that it will end up breaking the game. But I have yet to find an effective way to framelimit. I have a 144hz monitor, so just using vsync isn't enough--not that it even sticks to the vsync 144fps anyway. Tried using dgvoodoo2 and that didn't work, it just made NOLF 2 crash due to some error with the D3D.DLL file. I tried enbdev's d3d8to9 dll, and that caused a similar crash problem. No success either with the nVidia control panel vsync and max framerate settings.

I'm kinda at my wits end here and I really want to play NOLF 2 again.

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So I just installed the game yesterday and spent a lot of time getting it to work correctly.

Make sure your game is updated and running the 1.3 patch.

I'm using the enbdev dx8todx9 converter. Make sure both the d3d8.dll and enbconverter.ini files are in the game's base directory. This should make vsync work. I also have a 144hz monitor, what I had to do was set it to 60hz in Windows before launching the game. This made it stick to 60.

The game still crashes occasionally on loading screens but in general is pretty stable. For some reason some saves will just always crash. Try starting a new game and playing from the beginning.

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Another thing I noticed is that the nolf revival download of the game comes with the LivesForeverPlus mod preinstalled and automatically activated. Using a custom d3d8.dll file will cause it to crash on launch with this activated. Click on "custom" on the game launcher and uncheck it if you have it. A side effect of this is that it will remove the widescreen resolution options from the game, so you'll have to use a different mod for that. I'm using the Wobak widescreen patch.

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