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NOLF2 - Character Interaction Glitch

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Hi. I have both the original NOLF and NOLF2 games on CD that I bought a good few years ago, but was never been able to get them to run correctly. Spin onto Sep 2020 and when wondering about trying to get them to run again found the NOLF Revival Site with fully patched / fixed free downloadable versions. So got both and played The Operative with no problems. So now I'm staring to play NOLF2 (which is patched to 1.3) and i've had a couple of similar bugs. The first one occurred in the level where you plant the explosives on the communications tower, at a point in the level you are told your pilot has been captured and you have to rescue him. After doing it you have to interact with him a few times to get him to inch his way to the gate so you can open it,  whilst you kill the soldiers that appear. However after the bit where he stands up and asks you to open the gate for him, I could not interact with him or get him to move. By chance, I exited the level by going back to where the fallen trees were, then re-entered and was able to interact with him once, which was to get him to leave the hut and stand just outside the back door. After that again I could not interact with him. I had to do the exit level/re-enter level trick 8 times or so to get him  to move further each time and then to get the soldiers to appear each time. It took a while but I did it.

Now I'm further into the game at the India level where you meet Kamal, whom after you have done a few things, will give you 50 Rupees to give to the crazy looking guy Harji to let you past a locked door. But I now have the same issue - I can't interact with Harji. And I can't do my exit/re-enter level trick as there is no level exit at this stage currently! I'm not sure what I can try to solve the issue. I assume its the same glitch as before, and I havent missed something obvious?

My setup is as follows:

NOLF2, Patched 1.3, Wobaks Widescreen Patch

PC Windows 10 - 64bit, Ryzen 2700X CPU, 64GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB G/Card.


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While we're not involved with creating the version they distribute over there, are you running any of the mods like Livesforever or Livesforever plus while playing single player?

If so disable the mods then try the single player. 

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Hi there, thanks. I'll give that a try, although it seems i'll have to start again as the save games made when the mods were active cause the game to crash to the desktop at the load screen if i turn those mods off. Never mind though, only been playing a few days, so i'll start from scratch and see what happens.

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Hi again, so it seems the mod was the cause, just replayed Pilot rescue mission and I was able to get him out the game in one go with no problems.

I'd like to re-enable the widescreen patch on its own, but can't rule out that was causing the problem, do you know of a reliable fix for this game plz?

BTW, sorry i posted this in the wrong section, should have been NOLF2 Technical Support ...



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