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Cannot do the snowmobile jump in NOLF 2 Siberia level. Pls help!

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As the title states, I simply cannot do the snowmobile jump to get to the power station in Siberia. to plant the last bomb. I have dexterity problems from severe health issues & I suck big time at driving vehicles in games. I have tried a dozen times & fall to my death. I didn't have half this much trouble in Half Life 2 & I HATED that goddamn buggy.
I'm wondering if the Modernizer mod is making it worse. Vehicle  & walking speed is kinda slow & I don't think I'm getting enough velocity to make the jump. Also the turns the vehicle make are very extreme & fiddling with the settings don't help.
At this point, I'm not above using cheats to bypass the jump or going through the boulder at the front entrance. I'm desperate. The game stops for me here if I don't come up with a solution. Is there another way to the power station or a cheat that would enable me to make the jump? This is killing the game for me &I waited so long to play it (I had a long running bug where I couldn't rebind the keys ) & it's genuinely upsetting that unless I can get thru' this bit, my NOLF adventure ends. Thanks, friends.

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One of these would probably help you. 

Hit talk (T) while playing and type(ALL CODES ARE CASE-SENSITIVE) :

Effect Code
All Ammo ammo
All Weapons/Gadgets guns
Earn more Skillpoints skillz
Explosions send targets flying baddaboom
Full Armor armor
Full Health health
Get all Modifications mods
Get all weapons plus full ammo, health and armor kfa
Gives you Infinite Health/Armor god
Invisibility poltergeist
Reveals version of game build
Skip to the next level maphole
Spawns a snowmobile rosebud
Unlimited Ammo tears
View Position pos
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