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How to access other forums


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for those of us who can't see other forums, here's a solution.


go to


type in the web site you want to view and you're off. i don't think you can post to the forums but you'll be able to view the lastest gossip. have fun.

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No 'stealing' is going on, but yes, one of us has the map and it will be added to the download section soon since you're interested.


As you can probably tell, I edited some of the posts above. Sorry, guys. I know you didn't say anything that was technically attacking the other place, but I don't want UnityHQ to ever have examples of bias and animosity showing towards 'them'. We are taking the higher road, even if I have to drag all of you kicking and screaming. tongue.gif

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No idea if theres some other place to DL it..I tried to download it from The site that shall not be named and all it says was "Do NOT leech my bandwich-Dan"...wth does that mean ? biggrin.gif

Well, i already have the map anyway, so i guess i can send it.

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