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Buggy model polygons even with modernizer mod

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Hi all, I am running Windows 10 with an AMD Ryzen processor and a Radeon RX 5700 GPU. The game seems to run fine from a frame rate perspective but there are weird flashing polygons in various models. I’ve already tried the modernizer patch that is suggested in various posts. I also tried to run the program in compatibility mode with no affect. Please see video link. Any ideas?


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Thank you for the reply. For those who may have the same problem, I did a fresh install of the game, and then added the DgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper files to my game directory. After I did this, the game still crashed after the first full screen splash screen, and had to be force closed every time. Then I turned off videos from the config options, and was able to play the game without a problem. I have NOT yet tried also using the modernizer mod, though, at the same time.

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You probably have a issue with your binkw32.dll in the game directory, can you play the movies directly in Videolan for instance? (VLC)

Glad to hear that the DGvoodoo wrapper fixed the graphic issues :)


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