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Introducing Charybdis

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Meet Charybdis, a new world boss that appears in the Whaleswell Strait!

Most people think that Chaybdis is nothing more than a myth, passed down by generations to scare and entertain, yet hidden deep underwater, lies a great (and hungry) beast.

After the fall of Auroria, Dahuta struck by grief, assaulted the elven kingdom with her vicious cultists, but a brave elven warrior lead her army to successfully push back the onslaught. Though the elven warrior Termisia won against the Sea Goddess that day, Dahuta didn't wait long to punish her for crossing her plans.

Angered by Termisia's prowess in battle and the death of her cultists, the Sea Goddess cursed Termisia, turning her into the most terrible, hunger driven and hideous of creature; Charybdis. Caring for neither good nor evil, she would draw in all who came close and be the last thing they would see, hear and feel before they are forced into the Hereafter.

In a desperate attempt to stop this vile creature from taking any more innocent lives, Termisia's loyal army decided to pay the ultimate price and sacrifice themselves, in an attempt to seal the monster away.

Together, her soldiers sought an Ipnyish relic that would banish the beast and brought it to Charybdis. When its mouth opened to swallow them all, they bravely jumped and forced the seal deep into its stomach, pushing Charybdis into a distant world, later rumored to be called Bloodsalt Bay.

There Charybdis remained for centuries, until during a recent expedition to the Whaleswell Straits, a crew of sailors heard a mysterious voice ring through their heads:
"The seal has been broken"

Charybdis is a powerful Ancestral 15 World Boss with nearly 17 million hp. With the help of Cetus, Charybdis uses a large variety of skills to destroy ships around her, devour the people controlling the ships and ensure she stays away from harm.

Accounts from other sailors that survived say she appears on Thursday and Sunday at the following times:
EU: 09:30 PM UTC // NA: 06:30 PM PST

Be wary all ye who braves the waves lest Charybdis wishes to satisfy her hunger.

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