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Guide: What is the ArchePass?

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The ArchePass is the center point of ArcheAge: Unchained and is the sole method of obtaining Diligence Coins, which you need to buy mounts, pets, gliders and all kinds of cool items!

Once activated, you can choose from three different pass types that align with your day to day gameplay activities from Vocation, Equipment, and Combat. A fourth pass named the Basic Pass is a great alternative or if all the other passes have been completed.

Each pass type has a maximum of 45 available levels, with each level granting rewards for reaching them. These levels can be reached by completing quests such as Use Labor or Kill Monsters which grant ArchePass XP and Diligence Coins!

What are Diligence Coins?
Diligence Coins are the currency earned from completing quests and gaining levels from the ArchePass. Theyre used on the marketplace to buy pets, mounts, gliders and all kinds of cool things!

Press N or Open the Marketplace with the far-right button on the bottom left of your screen to check out what you can get with Diligence Coins.

Want to find out more about levels and quests? Keep reading!

ArchePass Types and Activating Passes
The ArchePass has three different pass types, with a fourth default if none of the other types are appealing (or are complete!) that give rewards based around their type.

Activating the Pass:
Once you hit level 30, you can activate the ArchePass from the Daily Schedule button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

From there find the Register/Change button and make your decision on which pass you want to use! Fret not, you can change this at any time if the one you chose is not to your liking.

Once youve made your decision, select the pass you want and hit Register and then confirm!

If you ever want to change the pass, go to Register/Change, then select the pass you want to change to, hit Register and make sure to hit Register again so it activates! Youll see a window that asks if you really want to Activate the Pass, confirm that you do and then youre good to go!

There are two different icons when activating the ArchePass.

☆ means the pass has been registered but is not active.
▻ means the pass is currently active.

Vocation Pass:
The Vocation pass has quests that accompany the lifestyle of crafting and farmer type players such as Use Labor and Gain EXP as well as granting items that are useful for these kinds of players such as boosts to Vocation Point acquisition.

Combat Pass:
The Combat pass has quests that accompany the lifestyle of players who enjoy the thrill of combat with quests such as Kill Monsters and Kill Players. The rewards from this pass match this lifestyle and grant items that compliment the lifestyle such as Kyrios Badges and boost to Honor Point gain.

Equipment Pass:
The Equipment pass has quests that accompany the lifestyle of players who enjoy the gearing up process and expanding their arsenal, with quests such as Synthesize Items or Temper Equipment. The rewards from this pass include Honor Point potions that help players upgrade their gear and potions for loot drop rate.

Basic Pass:
The Basic pass is an introduction to the ArchePass and a useful alternative if the other passes arent appealing. It has quests that fit all of the archetypes and offers rewards that take into account all kinds of players. The rewards can include Honor Point potions, Labor Rechargers, and Vocation Point potions as well as premium rewards offering Gilda Stars.

What is a premium ArchePass?
Each ArchePass has a premium track that is additional to its normal track that offers more great cosmetic rewards such as costumes and weapon skins! This path levels up at the same pace as the normal path so even if you decide to upgrade to premium later, youll still get the rewards!

To upgrade to Premium, you must use an ArchePass Upgrade Ticket that comes from the Marketplace for 1500 credits. This is used to upgrade the Combat, Vocation or Equipment passes to have their additional Premium path. To upgrade the basic pass to Premium, you must use a Basic ArchePass Upgrade Ticket which costs 10 gold from the Marketplace.

ArchePass Quests, Attempts, and Change Attempts.
Therell be three quests available when a pass is chosen, and each has an unlock cost for the first time theyre opened. The first requires 5 Gilda Stars, the second requires 2 Blue Salt Hammers (available from a General Merchant) and the last requires 10 Gilda Stars.

At the start of each week, the pass will have show Attempts: 0/12 in the top corner above the quests. This is to signify how many quests have been completed that week. Once all 12 have been completed then no more quests are available till the next Monday.

Dont like a quest you got? Luckily, there are 6 available Change Attempts each day so you can try your luck to get the quest you want! Simply head to the Change Mission button and pick the one you want to change.

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