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The Daru Festival Is Underway!

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It’s the time of year where the Daru need help caring for this year’s batch of eggs! Tend to your own egg and keep it content by sensing what it’s in need of. Eggwarden Dolbu will certainly reward you for your assistance in helping them during such a busy and important time!

After maintenance on April 30th, Ahnimar will be granted a Festival Period lasting until May 14th at 1 AM UTC where anyone Level 30+ can participate in daily quests for the Daru Festival. To get to Ahnimar, take the World Gate in Diamond Shores, Marianople, or Austera!

First, meet with Tarini in the Community Center to begin your task of assisting with the Daru’s precious eggs in the Lotus Song Garden! After speaking with the Eggwarden Dolbu, take your Daru Egg Cradle for a spin through the Incubator, and tend to its every need in the Hatchery. A happy egg will take a 10-minute nap after which it can be returned to Dolbu where you will be rewarded with Daru Festival Coins to exchange for various goods in Mirage Isle! Neglectful egg-sitters beware: after 10 hours, these Egg Cradles will expire.

And there’s plenty more to do after you’ve nurtured your egg! Assist the Daru further by constructing more incubators, protect the eggs from the Skyfins who are threatening to crash the festival, and search for treasure 3x per day for Ian!

Doing your part and assisting the Daru can contribute to 16 event-related achievements. If you’re lucky enough to get an Astra-Blessed Egg, you’ll be rewarded with an Astra-Blessed Crate, a shiny new title, and a Mini Egg Cradle for your house.

Now for the rewards! You can exchange your Daru Festival Coins for the following goods at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle:

The Great Mission – 15 Daru Festival Coins and The Great Mission Scroll #1,#2, and #3
Daru Crest Frame – 50 Daru Festival Coins
Hoverbloom Flowerbed – 25 Daru Festival Coins
Daroccoli Flowerbed – 25 Daru Festival Coins
Daru Streetlight – 20 Daru Festival Coins
Daru Statue – 20 Daru Festival Coins
Fencey-Fence Post – 15 Daru Festival Coins
Fencey-Fence – 15 Daru Festival Coins
Mossy-Moss Armchair – 30 Daru Festival Coins
Mini-Cradle – 20 Daru Festival Coins
Lotus Leafy-Leaf – 25 Daru Festival Coins
Adventurer’s Winged Elixir – 5 Daru Festival Coins

These Daru Eggs hatch soon, so please lend a hand before May 14th!

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