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ArcheAge: Time to Rock n Scroll!

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The wait is finally over!
ArcheAge awakens with the Rock ‘n Scroll Event starting from April 30th till May 20th. Get your Ruby from the Marketplace for 50 Gilda Stars – you can get 2 per account – and game on!

For every hour you play, you’ll be rewarded with a Gem Upgrade Scroll which you can use for a chance to upgrade your Ruby to a Garnet, a Topaz, and others until you acquire the coveted Prismatic Diamond. These Scrolls work similarly to Awakening, so there’s always a chance to fail!

Worry not, Adventurer. The longer you play, the more scrolls you get to try and try again until success is yours!

But what do I do with these gems?
Great question!
Locate the Gem Exchanger in Mirage Isle (hint: down the stairs directly on your right!) and open it to find all of the lovely rewards you can gain from your precious minerals.

Ruby (Rank 1) – 50 Gilda Stars
Garnet (Rank 2) – 2x Decrystallization Scrolls
Topaz (Rank 3) – 10 x Bound Double Hunting XP Elixir
Citrine (Rank 4) – Bound Temper Crate
Emerald (Rank 5) – Coral
Jade (Rank 6) – Nightfire Glider
Sapphire (Rank 7) – Bound Temper Crate x5
Aquamarine (Rank 8) – Serendipity Stone Crate x1
Crystal (Rank 9) – Radiant Hiram Infusion x200
Zircon (Rank 10) – Stormwing Pegasus
Diamond (Rank 11) – Mythic Synthesis Crate
Prismatic Diamond (Rank 12) – Eternal Synthesis Crate

So what goodies can you expect in those Synthesis Crates?

Mythic Synthesis Crate – Select one of:
-1x Mythic Hiram Infusion Bundle
30x Unidentified Mythic Hiram Infusions (6,800 EXP each)
5x Labor Recharger
-1x Abyssal Enhancer Bundle
30x Unidentified Mythic Abyssal Enhancer (24,000 EXP each)
5x Labor Recharger
– 1x Serendipity Stone Crate
– 2x Armor Type Conversion Scroll

Eternal Synthesis Crate – Select one of:
-1x Eternal Hiram Infusion Bundle
20x Unidentified Eternal Hiram Infusions (12,500 EXP each)
10x Labor Recharger
-1x Eternal Abyssal Enhancer Bundle
20x Unidentified Eternal Abyssal Enhancer (44,500 EXP each)
10x Labor Recharger
– 1x Superior Serendipity Stone Crate
– 4x Armor Type Conversion Scroll

After obtaining what you wanted, simply return your unused Scrolls to the trader for 1 Gilda Star. It pays to recycle!
• The Superior Serendipity Stone Crate is missing the last 4% in its tooltip.
• The Nightfire Glider’s Ability “Glider Charge” is not canceled when trying to close the glider.
• Coral’s jump actually is more of a hop while moving. If you stand and use it, you can use the full range of the jump, though.

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