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Hello! Haven't been here for some time..

I decided to play NOLF2, added my overhaul mod and was disappointed that the mod is crashing my game. So I deleted it and started everything almost from 0 (Kept Desert Eagle which I downloaded long time ago). But it seems I've forgot everything and I need help if it's available.


1. I have the plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop but they don't work for me. I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS6 x64 on Windowns 7 x64 Ultimate and it seems to be incompatible with these plugins.

So my question is: which photoshop I need to work with DTX files and what other tools I need beside DTXConvert? (I remeber I got TGA from DTX year ago but I've no idea how to do that now)


2. I've added my 1st weapon in the game. I can get it with cheats or add it at the start of the mission but it would be more ineteresting to add it mission level so I can grab it not to cheat for it or get it at the start of the mission.

My question: How can I edit world DAT files or extract them.


3. Weapon's 1st view model is okay but I need to make a ground model if I remeber right, for that I need to extract LTC or LTA files.

Question: How can I get these files from LTB model file?


I was looking through NOLF2 topics and couln't find what I need. I hope someone can help with information and thank you!


EDIT: Maybe someone of you can give me links to more tools or tutorials? I would like to know how to make a ground model 'cause that's the thing I have never learned. Also I have never understood how to edit existing maps with tools pack but I can replace existing stuff editing DAT levels.

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