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Widescreen fix for 16:9 and 16:10 displays, resolution up to 1920x1080 /Solved/

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Widescreen fix "WideScreenFix_CJ" for the game Contract J.A.C.K. set resolutions from 1280x720 to 2560x1440 for displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 16:10.

Standard menu, subtitles and game chat online.

The WideScreenFix_CJ fix is compatible with the game online.


   1.  In the properties of the game’s shortcut, specify the launch from the Administrator:
   Game shortcut ContractJACK -> right mouse button -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as Administrator

   2 . Run WideScreenFixCJ.exe, select the aspect ratio and resolution of your display.


Bugs & Solutions
1. After installing   the WideScreenFix_CJ fix do not open the Display menu and do not change the display resolution through the game menu,   otherwise, geometric distortion will occur on the screen.
If you accidentally open the display menu and change the display resolution through the game menu,   then exit the game using the "Esc" or "Alt-F4" keys and then re-enter the game.

2. Graphics distortion on the screen, FPS drops, the game freezes.
Typically, such a bug occurs on NVIDIA graphics cards after a powerful lighting flash effect, such as an explosion.
How to fix a bug:
Disable Dynamic Lighting in the game menu:
Options -> Perfomance -> Perfomance -> High Detail -> Display -> Dinamic light -> Off
Or set medium detail in the game menu:
Options -> Perfomance -> Perfomance -> Medium Detail
If this does not help, then press the Win key (flag) on the keyboard, the game will be compressed into an icon.
Then click on the icon, the game will recover with the corrected graphics.

3. For comfortable and accurate shooting game options in the game do as in picture
Options -> Controls -> Mouse -> Mouse sensitivity -> minium
Options -> Controls -> Mouse -> Mouse smooting -> maximum


Remove WideScreenFix_CJ in any of these ways:
1. Automatic uninstallation:
Reinstall WideScreenFix_CJ in Restore to Default mode.
2. Manual uninstallation::
Game shortcut -> "OPTIONS" -> delete the line in the "COMMAND-LINE" window, mark "Restore to Default" and "Always pass command line" -> Ok

Also delete the files WideScreenFix_CJ_16_9.rez and WideScreenFix_CJ_16_10.rez from the folder with the game.

WideScreenFix_CJ.zip (368 Kb)



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