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Security Cameras That Can Be Safely Shot!

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There are seldom cameras that can be destroyed without an alarm going off, and even less civilians that you can kill. The devs probably forgot to add the alarm/fail trigger and never noticed, but why not use it to your advantage? I'll note if they are fixed in the PS2 version of Nolf 1. There's also some in Nolf 2 as well. I'm pretty sure I've tested every camera and civilian in both games for anyone wondering.


Nolf 1:


The Assignment, Scene 2: Not that it really matters, but all the cameras can be slapped and destroyed without an alarm going off. This was not fixed/changed in the PS2 version.


A Man of Influence, Scene 2: The last camera in this stage. It's in the far corner, behind the trailer with chemical containers on it (near the gate where the mission ends). There is a guard or two in this area to deal with though. In the PS2 version this camera was removed entirely.


Trouble in the Tropics, Scene 4: The one and only camera at the start of this mission. Make sure no one else sounds an alarm though. This was not fixed in the PS2 version.


Civilian Kill: In Low Earth Orbit, Scene 1, the bartender isn't considered a civilian (unlike every other mission with one), so you can kill him without failing the mission. Other than scientists, this is the ONLY civilian you can kill in the entire game. This was fixed in the PS2 version.


Edit: Apparently you can kill one of the two Unity Agents in A Very Large Explosion Scene 2. Killing the first one that you talk to in a cutscene will make you fail the mission, but the second one that tries to fight the two Elite Guards at the end can be killed. So you don't have to worry about accidentally killing him when fighting the Elite Guards. This was fixed in the PS2 version.


Nolf 2:


Chapter 5, Night Flight: Every single camera can be shot without setting off an alarm in this chapter. It's possible that this could be intentional since the facility is under lockdown at this point, but an alarm can still go off if a camera spots you (before you shoot it), or if an alarm button is pressed. Also as a general tip for any level with cameras, if an alarm goes off you can shoot as many cameras as you want before the alarm resets.


Civilian Kill: In Chapter 7, Doublecross - The Password: In the last area (where you pick up the bug to plant on Balaphi Malphani's phone), there is a male civilian behind a counter with the dialogue "Maybe I can clear my calendar and take you out to dinner tonight." that can be killed. Once again, other than scientists, this is the ONLY civilian that you can kill in the entire game.

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