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Streaming NOLF 1 with Open Broadcaster Software?

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I recently came across the Windows 8 fixes for NOLF and have successfully gotten the game running with the 60fps patch. I would really like to stream this for my twitch channel soas to combine a "Let's Play" expanded format with criticism and lengthy reviewing, as well as boatloads of dry humor. However, the game window will not Game Capture with the software, using the monitor stream when NOLF is fullscreen results in a black window with nothing but sound, and running NOLF in a window and doing a capture results in the game having massive amounts of slowdown.


Has anyone successfully gotten to stream this game to Twitch? And if so, how?


EDIT: I tried doing a monitor capture with the game running in a window and, well, this happened. (Warning, strong language) Apparently this happens when running in a window normally as well, so it isn't the streaming software interfering. Guess I'll have to check for a fix for that, too...

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