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NOLF 2:Favorite Areas?

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We all know NOLF 2 was a great game :mml:

But what was your favorite part in the game?Like, was it in Russia,Japan,or the Mobile Home fight?
:new_2gunsfiring_v1: my favorite part was in Russia mostly...

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The best parts of the game are Melvin Blitzny's house and the Antarctica abandoned base. Both of them felt almost haunted, more like a Survival Horror than a FPS.

On the other hand, while Japan was rather fun, India and Russia levels tend to get so long and repetitive; they prevent me from re-playing the game. I beated it 2 or 3 times (so little compared to NOLF1, which I have actually completed more than 15 times) but now I just leave the game when it comes to that areas.

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