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Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing Review – Strapping In For A New Ride

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Publisher: Monster Games
Developer: Monster Games
Reviewed on: Xbox One
Also on: PlayStation 4, PC

Dirt racing has value for developer Monster Games. Since it hasn’t always been included in the studio’s titles through the years, fans have demanded it. Dirt racing also has cred. Many famous drivers got their starts on dirt, tearing it up at local tracks throughout the country on a Friday night. So, it makes sense that Monster would partner with NASCAR star Tony Stewart – who has always supported dirt racing – for a sprint car racing game on dirt.

Racing is naturally more slippery on dirt, but I’m glad this title has more gameplay nuance than just slopping through the corners. It’s more about finesse than aggression, and you must consider your car’s HP and the banking and arc of the turns. The fact that the tracks are ovals might seem boring, but the shortness of the straightaways relative to a NASCAR track creates a fun rhythm; it feels like you’re perpetually turning the wheel in preparation for the next corner. The flow feels different than a regular offroad or rally game. I was often on the gas the whole race, managing the car simply through careful and timely steering inputs, tearing around the track and scissoring between the other cars. Unfortunately, this is negated during online races, where lag can cause cars to visually appear to teleport around.

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Starting out in the career mode, I gained an appreciation for what it takes to even eke out a mid-place finish through disciplined racing and avoiding contact with other cars. The mode contains three tiers of cars of escalating HP corresponding to the three racing series (midgets, 305s, and 410s), as well as upgradeable parts within each which you buy with your winnings and sponsorship payouts.

Progress through the mode is gradual, which I like. I didn’t win my first race until my second season in midgets, by which time I not only had better equipment, but I was also simply a better racer. Accordingly, I began to deal more with lapped traffic (on 50-percent race length) – another gameplay wrinkle that takes skill and patience to navigate. Eventually you can own more than one race car across each series and use your success in lower tiers to fuel your progress in the higher ones.

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ss_3c055d1fe604bbf0fa296728dbcfb9b43396259b.jpg ss_33556e2b7330450544cfed562e39635a9d73c956.jpg ss_bbc76cb07265200ba51a3fe12b83bf88c40a8789.jpg ss_ec85095ff214a3907fb49c037bb20bff7e26d55c.jpg ss_1f925c1e03ba23d365dfbaa4ad00e26ccbc9adb4.jpg ss_1ff5bb57f5c435bd60b10ff47b2669ef3ae0393d.jpg



The game’s career mode is appropriately wedded to the experience on the track, but it’s locked in a linear inevitability that puts a cap on the mode’s ultimate payoff. Eventually you can get enough money to buy the parts you need to simply outmuscle opponents. This isn’t necessarily bad; it works, but it also makes your progress through the mode predictable and without consequence. It doesn’t match the tension and excitement occurring on the track itself.

Dirt racing may be a sort of minor league to the big-time stock cars, but this game – while limited in some areas – taps into its own enjoyable racing rhythm and buzz.


Score: 7

Summary: Monster Games' latest racer contains some elements similar to its NASCAR series, but the sprint cars have a gameplay feel all their own.

Concept: NASCAR developer Monster Games takes you back to the roots of racing – sprint cars on dirt tracks, complete with real drivers and a multi-series career mode

Graphics: Frame stutters occur every couple of laps

Sound: The local track announcer is a nice touch, but he’s not used much

Playability: Maintaining optimal control and speed is a subtle task, making the simple dirt tracks trickier than they might appear

Entertainment: I enjoyed racing spring cars on dirt ovals more than I thought I would

Replay: Moderate

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