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Things that are a bit like NOLF!

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While we're waiting for that re-release, I figured I'd add some suggestions for stuff to do in the meantime.

The most obvious one being... Archer! Seriously, if you like spies and haven't see it yet, do so immediately.

Then there's Alpha Protocol. Not a very successful game, but seems to have become a bit of a cult favourite since.

In anime there's Noir. Not very sixties, but twice the female superspies!

And from the world of comics, I'd suggest Casanova. 60s-ish spyfy at its finest!


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Agent Carter


Great female character and a lot of spy atmosphere, as close as it can be considering movies, even if it lacks humour and absurd, 60's, and the rest of NOLF features. When I saw the first episode, the next thing I was doing after that was installing NOLF again. ^^


Computer games? I'd say Thief series (not Thief 4...) and Alpha Protocol.

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