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Old memory on how to improve NOLF graphics


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Hey nice people, 

I'm new to the forum, but I played the games ages ago, and wanted to play them again. NOLF 1 is working fine, but there are no shadows under the characters. Although, tbh, I don't remember if there were any to begin with, other games from that generation usually at least had blob shadows or something.

I vaguely remembered a tutorial on the internet that I can't find anymore. The person replaced some files from the game with files from the old NOLF demo and was able to activate dynamic shadows, multiple shadows per object (I think), self shadowing and more blood (or something). I am certain this was for the first game, and it worked back in the day for me. 

Can someone remember this? And if not, is there any other way to add shadows to characters? I mean there are lots of shadow options in the config file...

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